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Nora Marani

Tourism & Hospitality Business Broker
International: +61 4 3666 3913
AU Mobile: 04 3666 3913

Email: nora@tourismproperties.com

Broker Profile

With over 15 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, Nora brings a wealth of expertise to the role of a Tourism and Hospitality Business Broker. Nora’s professional journey has seen her navigate the intricacies of the industry, with a particular focus on overseeing accommodations in the Oceania and Pacific regions.

In her role as the Contracting Manager for Oceana at hotelbeds.com, a global B2B wholesaler, Nora played a pivotal role in assisting hotels to optimize their revenue and effectively distribute their properties on a global scale. This involved close collaboration with hotel partners to develop long and short-term strategies to achieve yields and targets, negotiating contracts, and establishing mutually beneficial agreements.

During Nora’s tenure with the sales team at the Stamford Plaza Auckland, she contributed significantly to the hotel’s revenue growth and acquisition of new clients. Nora’s comprehensive experience spans revenue management, sales, and client relationship building, making her well-equipped to excel in facilitating successful transactions and to understand the unique needs and challenges of clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, providing valuable guidance and support to their business endeavours.

Beyond Nora’s professional background, her true passion lies in guiding vendors and buyers through their next life chapter. Nora is deeply committed to delivering tangible results to her clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success. Drawing on her expertise in revenue management, global and local distribution, and client relationship building, Nora is adept at assisting businesses in devising effective travel distribution strategies tailored to their unique business models, including setting up the ideal OTA and wholesale clients through to helping them select the right connectivity tools.

Nora is thrilled to be a part of the Tourism Properties Team, presently handling listings in the Gold Coast Region. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to serve all clients in the area and contribute to the success of their ventures.


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